10 Haunted Locations in Oregon

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I finally got around to making the next installment for you guys! This next episode includes 10 allegedly haunted locations in Oregon. These are somewhat arbitrarily listed, and I realize there’s many more. These are just some that struck me as eerie. If I missed your favorite haunting in Oregon, share in the comments!




  1. I was born and raised in Salem and have been to the hospital….. if you take pictures of Specific trees and look at the pictures you have taken it looks like people are hanging from the trees

  2. I know this video is old but I have seen some wierd shit at oit's old campas. I live in klamath falls and its like an hour walk from me. Everytime i'm there I just feel a really dark presence.

  3. I live in Oregon, born and raised in Oregon, and it's about time I found something interesting about the place again. I was getting bored with my everyday life in Oregon. Sure, we have our ghosts here in my area, but this is something else

  4. My mom used to have the graveyard shift at Salem hospital and one of her coworkers went crazy and slammed his head through the window and went out through it and when my mom went into work all she could see was the blood. No joke

  5. Lafayette it was not a lady accused of witch craft that was hung it was her son for killing the owner of the local store, his mom was sleeping with the owner and left the back door for her son to rob him instead he killed him, the "witch" died in Springfield and buried next to her 3rd husband NOW that house is haunted

  6. My Son-in-law and his friends, used to sneak into Hot Lake when they were in high school. They always talked about an old upright piano that would move from floor to floor. I went there years ago when a portion of the building was used as a place to soak in the water. Old claw foot bathtubs were set up in a room adjacent to the locker rooms, where you could soak. The room was kept very dim and it was very eerie.

  7. I'm from and live in Oregon Klamath Falls. OIT (Oregon Institute of Technology) is the old OIT, there's a new one but I can say from my personal experience old OIT is haunted af. At the front doors I was with some friend and I was pulling back the broken part with a flash light and we heard a weird sound and foot steps running at us. Fucking creepy…

  8. The Oregon Vortex is a scientific anomaly, not a paranormal one. Geiser Grand Hotel is legit, I have stayed there a couple of times and have experienced unexplained noises right next to me, and in other rooms. Lafayette Cemetery…I've been there and stayed in the area for a week, visiting the graveyard every day. I never saw anything, nor captured anything on film or audio, but I did have some unexplained human noises coming from the woods surrounding the graveyard. Oregon State Hospital is no longer there, I believe they are building a park in the area where it used to stand. But I have interviewed some of the residents that were raised in the complex, and the stories horrified me. Been to White Eagle Saloon more than several times…never experienced anything. Hot Lake Hotel has been currently sold, so it won't be a Hotel anymore, but a research center. I've been to the Shanghai Tunnels and talked extensively with owner named Michael…it is a great area of history…and, yes…I experienced and captured evidence of the paranormal there. The other locations I haven't been yet, but now have a few road trips scheduled. Great video. 🙂

  9. Ugh. I've been to hot lake a few times
    When I was little, we went on a homeschool group tour of the hotel, and I saw a pure white, thin lady with long white hair walk up the stair behind the group. I asked my parents about it and they just thought I was trying to be silly and make up a story. But but later that day, in the operation room of the hotel (it was a mental hospital a long time ago) my sister just started crying and said she felt badly, my parents started to believe us and we left
    Haven't really been back since.

  10. I went to dick road in Hillsboro Oregon at 12 am and there were people in the middle of the road staring at us and got into the car and turned off the lights and waited for us but we left and went around the first entrance to go into dick road and they were still there waiting and starring at us

  11. Im in Silverton and Portland Oregon, and from what i know there are some houses in silverton that are like, old as shit that are pretty spooky to be in. But youtube totally needs more oregon-based content!!!

  12. they have #3 wrong.The Layfeyette Cemetary: No witch was burned. she was a Gypsy, her son and her were commiting a robery , but it went bad and the sun ended up murdering the man they were robbing. The man (the "witches son) was hung and then she put the curse on the town. the story about the curse is nearly true. The Cemetary has a gate blocking cars from going, but its VERY simple to just walk around the gate. its defiantly spooky and secluded. nothing creepy happened to me. i was JUST there yesterday, and saw NO signs that said trespassing- tho Ive seen it on the Web sight. Its a VERY historic and Peaceful place. if you have the oppritunity id say Go for it!!!

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