10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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  1. Well goddamn wtf does anybody expect?!
    All these dudes had their dicks out tryna get sucked off. You can tell the difference between the fellas who like what they see and say hello and leave it at that and the asshats who punch a girl in the face and call her a slut while they gangrape her. All these kats ain't got no swag and they just tryna get some pussy then bounce. She ain't responding, leave her the fuck alone. You want head behind the dumpster in the ally in broad daylight, buy a hooker and leave clean bitches alone.

  2. While some of these men are openly harassing the lady (like asking for her number, creeping up next to her, telling her to smile) a lot of them aren't. Saying "hello" to a woman is not harassment, it's just greeting her. Saying "god bless you" means that they are, of course, blessing her. Saying "have a nice evening" means they want you to have a nice evening. If a woman were to actually catcall a man (like say "nice ass" or asking for his number) many people would not bat an eye, even if that man wouldn't want the attention. I myself can call myself a feminist, but feminism is not treating women better than men, or calling anything they do rape. Feminism is treating men and women equally.

  3. Fuck feminism…
    In my country situation is…
    Hey beautiful..—-harrassment
    Hey girl..hello–+++RAPED
    Ask number——–physical harrassment
    I'm too ugly for u —–look for rape?

  4. This video isn’t as "harassing as you may think it was, most people was being polite ash, like 1/3 percent of the people weren’t, and in New York everyone speaks to everyone…know em or not so I wouldn’t call most of this video harassment

  5. For the guys that don't understand how this is an issue and wouldn't mind their mother or sister to go through that, that's just sad… If you were walking and you heard that EVERYDAY from other creepy guys maybe you would get a clue how unconfortable and scary it can be a single 'hello' sometimes. It may not seem like a big deal what they are saying, but besides being able to escalate really quickly, sometimes a person just wants to be left alone! These situations just make someone feel like they are constantly being watched and followed. It's not a good feeling believe me…

  6. Most of the guys are only trying to initiate contact, which is normal. However, I guarantee each one of those guys who catcalled wanted a reaction, which could have led to all kinds of situations.

  7. You know, there is absolutely some harassment in the video. But some of them were sincerely trying to complement you. Accusing men of harassing women is what will kill chivalry. Some of the men who complimented you walked away immediantly without expecting a response now that's a complement, unlike the men who relentlessly followed you, now that's harassment. There's a big difference.

  8. “You men listening out there should be ashamed for being men.” Like is that what its trying to say like the videos just don’t make any sense at all I’m done w YouTube feminist have won.

  9. This is what humanity has become walking in the street and paying people to say and do sexist things to u to prove that women are oppressed every time they walk out the door

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