10 Photos That Can Scare Anyone

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Here are 10 scary and strange photos that shouldn’t exist. Most of them cannot be explained. Can you imagine taking a happy photo and then later find out that there’s a ghost behind you?

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  1. Ive experienced sleeping on a bed made of bamboo, then u feel someone sits at the edge of the bed because the bed creaks… Then u open ur eyes seeing no one and nothing.. Wondering who was that? Coz ur alone at the house… A few hours later, i was told my husbands grandfather just died. It gave me chills and goosebumps. ..

  2. Ok I think that most of them are real and that the ghost ones are real. If u noticed most of them are black and white. So maybe white the black and white it probably had more effect on the ghosts. The UFO well dat idk but here’s one thing for sure… WHERE ARE THE GHOSTBUSTERS WHEN U NEED’EM

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