10 Scary Unexplained GHOST Photos! Unexplained Paranormal Caught On CAMERA!

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LookNowTV Presents 10 creepy photos found that will probably give you insomnia! These photos include haunting ghost pictures with some back story. Take a closer look!
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  1. Number 3 Looks more like The Rake than anything.
    Compare it to pictures/videos of The Rake and it looks kinda a lot like it, Especially the eyes glowing.
    Possible that The Rake jumped out running across the road which made the bus (Or whatever the vehicle is that crashed) swerve to avoid hitting it and crashing as The Rake his and watched…

  2. I love all your videos and I love your voice. You should have talked over this like that last ghost video you did!! OMG so scary and i like the way it goes with the music!

  3. Creepy, Rick. I loved it. Thanks for the upload.

    Ps: Have you heard the Russian PM is pushing disclosure again, started back in 2011. He threatened to expose alien activity on earth if Obama doesn't. This is about as legit a person to do this as it gets, he was the pres after all. Could you help with exposure, maybe post a vid on this? We really need to spread this info, if only to help him get traction.

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