10 TRUE Absolutely Terrifying Convention Horror Stories | (Scary Stories) | Ft. Bird Keeper Toby

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Get ready for some truly twisted scary stories to tell in the dark
with some of the most creepy stories happening at Conventions! So get your costumes ready, to let the darkness take control!



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  1. Story number 1, this girl is an idiot. First she forgets to get rid of this guy off of Facebook, then she forgets to buy a ticket to the event and then she agrees to go somewhere with the creepy guy just to get that ticket. Did you even offer to pay for an extra ticket from creepy guy or anyone else? Granted the creepy guy was indeed a creepy guy but grow up little girl and get your shit together. You knew he was creepy before you agreed to go out with him. Maybe you could have acted like an adult and just passed on the convention that year, but you didn't. So quit whining, everything that happened was your fault!

  2. wow for one dude in first story sure a creeper, but the girl is a dirty cunt who just uses sad dudes which in my book makes her 10 times worse than he is. fetal position? stupid cunt that ticket was prolly expensive and he did nothing that would make anyone assume any harm would have came to her. can't stand gold digging cunts like that.

  3. Welcome to a world where fantasy rules and the alter ego you create becomes your identity for the event. Be sure to keep your wits about you when you enter into this wild and fascinating world of imagination. as there are creepy characters who are drawn to these conventions and treat them as their own personal hunting ground and consider you their prey! Thanks for introducing us to a talented new narrator like Bird Keeper Toby, and I'll be off to check out part 2 and subscribe to his channel. I'm all anticipation for this absolutely awesome Halloween celebration you have in store for us this evening, and I simply can't wait to settle in tonight and let the darkness take control! ;} ?????????

    p.s. I'm so into the thought of diving back into the world of magic that I'm gonna start listening to the Harry Potter books on audio after the entertainment this evening! I simply adore all things about Harry Potter's world of wizards, and I'm absolutely full of anticipation for the new Fantastic Beasts movie! Have a Happy Halloween with your lovely wife and adorable daughter, and I'll be here with bells on when you post your 100 ghost stories tonight! I'd love to see a picture of Pandora in her costume if you put one on Twitter (hint hint) lol ;} ????????

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