10 True Scary Alaska & Home Alone Stories (Someone was inside)

Being home alone is nice because it allows me to catch up on reading, or perhaps work on homework but what happens when the dogs start barking and suddenly you are face to face with a stranger?

Well in today’s episode of story narrations we are listening to ten stories as experienced from Alaska. We have stories from being home alone, a motel, the middle of nowhere, and much more. Enjoy.



  1. Hey CF my brother been a long time fan. Love your channel always awesome stories. But need some different scares and spooks bro again much love my creepy bro and thanks again for all your work.

  2. I guess my favorite was the bear in the furniture store – I can relate in a way because I had some wildlife walk in on me when I worked third shift whether it was dogs, skunks, racoons rabbits, etc – I know smaller animals but the skunk is the one that got me nervous the most – it walked right past me not even 4 feet away – it didn't see me and I didn't hear or see it until it was a good 15 to 20 feet away and I yelled for the guy who I was helping and after a little running on his part, cursing him on my part, I let him know what was going on and told him that seeing that it was his building that it was his problem and that he needed to "handle" it lol

  3. Thank you friend. I am about to put my phone next to me and go to sleep. I always fall asleep listing to your stories. I love it! Feels so cosy being safe and warm in bed while watching the darkness outside my window.

    I am thankful for your vids ^^ I wish you well friend !

  4. Hey there Creepy Fox. Thanks for more stories. Home alone are some of my favorites. I also appreciate the background scenery. I also love creepy stories with rain sounds in the background. ❤

  5. I’m sorry your great story teller but they all seem the same some creepy guy or stranger in alley or at your window I’m just asking can you please do some paranormal stories

  6. First time i was first to view a vid of your's .I always smash the like button before viewing because i know it will be great. You have the best voice for reading true horror stories and if i fall asleep i watch it again next day. Thanks always for uploadin gifts of true horror !

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