10 TRUE Scary Unexplainable Stories | ( Scary Stories) | Paranormal Video

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Not everything in this world can be explained, so tonight, we delve into the realm of the supernatural, so get comfortable, and let the darkness take control!


Story 1 – 00:00:27
Story 2 – 00:04:40
Story 3 – 00:10:11
Story 4 – 00:13:47
Story 5 – 00:26:55
Story 6 – 00:29:52
Story 7 – 00:33:17
Story 8 – 00:35:10
Story 9 – 00:38:38
Story 10 -…


  1. I remember when i was like 8 we went to reno and stayed at my moms aunts house and we slept in a air mattress in the living room and during the day there was a huge flower painting in the wall and at night it was a fucking scary ass woman picture and i woke up my mom and sister and told them and they were like oh yeah its weird or something and i had trouble sleeping then the next day it was the flower painting again and my mom didn’t remember and my sister to this day doesn’t remember either but i remember it perfectly it was terrifying

  2. I've been reading The comments.. You had a baby!! So amazing! Congratulations! To The both of You! I've been away faaar to long apparently.. Enjoy the baby time, it's over before You know.. on a blink of an eye.. they grow so fast.. I don't have children, my 2 sisters have, and tho I see them all the time, they've always changed and learned new amazing things.. But these are my sisters advices: SLEEEEEP whenever possible 😀 <3

  3. My husband cleans out homes to be remodeled and flipped. He came home from cleaning out one of these homes and he was a little rattled because he said dinner was on the stove plates and silverware on the table, clothes in the washer and dryer, kids toys, clothes…he said it was like they just disappeared. All the tools and fishing gear, make up, shoes by the door. Very creepy

  4. Mort, you are one of my favorite readers. Your style is comfortable, your voice easy to listen to, you introduced your listeners to Angie's art and narrations, and you care enough to list time stamps on longer videos!!!m You, sir ROCK the you tube experience!!!

  5. Love you vids whether long or short, you have the best voice for reading stories! Audible needs to hire you! Congrats again Mort to you and your wife on your little Munchkin, Pandora❤️! Guessing you’re feeling woozy with lack of sleep and well changing dirty diapers?!

  6. The writer of the 1st story is so full of shit, its not even funny.
    I don't mind made up stories being passed as true, but this one is not even pretending to be a little bit true. This person just exaggerates everything to an almost painful level.

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