10 TRUE Terrifying Hospital Horror Stories To Freak You Out! | (Scary Stories)

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Get ready for some truly twisted scary stories to tell in the dark! Tonight we have some creepy and terrifying stories from Hospitals! So get comfortable, and let the darkness take control!


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  1. Loved the last story! My wife has saved a few people by providing CPR and other things when they needed it out of the blue that she remembers from when she used to be a nurse, she did what she was trained to do, and just casually walked away, never to hear from them again. Its great when those people can reconnect again.

  2. … and then Jacob Rees Mogg got his hands on the NHS. Sorry can't help it, too many lickspittle bootlickers on the internetz not to bring it up as much as humanly possible just coz life is funnier and scarier than any of this could be.

  3. https://youtu.be/Wc8uLjY-jTQ
    Mort I left comments on a couple other of your videos… Please let me know that your seeing this…. This total asshole is literally stealing your work.. and making his whole channel with your videos just changing your voice a little but I can hear your voice right through his bullshit….he is literally stealing all your work and calling it his own… He's probably a fat lazy loser living in his mother's basement…. He should just tell his basement horror story…

  4. thankfully i've been treated well at our hospital, even when they can't figure out the cause or give me a fix for it, they do what they can, my latest visit was a kidney stone, and i have never been in more pain then that time.

  5. Thanks Mort, I love the way you ended the video on a high note, what a great story that was. These are some of my favorite stories that you narrate. I worked at a hospital for about 8 years as the admin to the department head of radiation oncology. It was incredibly fascinating because I was quite often down in the hospital clinic. No scary stories for me, thank God, but I did meet many of the patients. As a result, the hospital stories really ring true for me. Thanks again, great stories and I really hope you do more of these…greedy, I know ?!!

  6. Hey Morris! I recently got diagnosed with severe panic disorder and I find that your videos are one of the only very few things that keeps me from having a panic attack. Thank you very much for your great content. You are definitely my favorite horror story reader on YouTube! I always try to remember to hit the like button! You also do a very good job of putting the viewer in the setting!

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