10 Weirdest Unsolved Disappearances That Nobody Can Explain

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10 Weirdest Unsolved Disappearances That Nobody Can Explain.

Every March and April, dozens of cities across the southern portion of North America are inundated with college students. Excited to take a break from studying, they fill their days with beaches, bikinis, and booze. Tragically, some of these young people also fall victim to murd3rs and mysterious disappearances.

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  1. absolutely want to watch your videos and hear these stories!! BUT.. the automated robot voice has got to go. please! have a live person narrate!?! a lot of these stories I've never heard of and want to learn more, but cannot make it through one and just google them to read instead. ugh..please change

  2. The man who wrote the book about Stacy Madison and Susan Smalley of Carrollton Texas. He said that the Holy Spirit told him to write this book, I sincerely hope that the Holy Spirit is involved in this and that whomever is responsible for this disappearance or crime has to pay the price and that this case gets solved so that the families can have peace, they have suffered more than enough over the last 30 years.

  3. The people Brit left with are to blame for her disappearance,they treated her bad,right after they got there things went bad and she was ready to go home the next day..I'm not sure what to believe as far as the informant's story because he could've had prior knowledge of the father trying to snatch another girl and he saw a way to cash in and reduce his time,but it also is a plausible story..Her mama was just trying to protect her.. 🙁

  4. Got to agree with public comment. Tried several times to watch and gave up. Not sure why this has become so popular. Everyone listening hates it, and the channel loses popularity, lose lose situation!

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