10 Worst Prisons In History

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How far should you go to keep dangerous criminals in check?

From inmates turning to cannibalism, to the modern day dungeon that practices genital electrocution. AllTime10s reveals the worst prisons of all time and their horrific practices.

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  1. In my opinion if you're a murderer, rapist, or child molester everyone of these jails is perfect. For theft or selling minor drugs like marijuana this is going too far. In fact marijuana shouldn't be illegal anywhere as it's a plant not a drug.

  2. And people wonder why the United States has the highest percentage of its population in prison. It’s because none of that happens here. Now in no way am issuing any of the stuff those people went through is ok cause that’s just wrong but when you think about it on the off chance that someone were to be released from one of those prisons do you really think they will ever commit another crime ever again and they probably tell other people about it and then those people don’t see the risk worth the payoff of there criminal activity. But then in the United States prison still sucks I don’t think prison is ever fun but when you compare the the conditions of our prisons to the others it’s not that bad so some people may find the payoff of there crimes worth the prison time. That just a theory that I hav.

  3. I think this video should be renamed to just cover the past 100 years or maybe less, far worse prisons likely existed a couple of hundred years ago. You know back when there were no written human rights?

  4. funny thought. what if god was watching the internet to get up to speed on whats been going on for the last 3629 years since I, I mean he, was last here. What if the thing you call god is really a terrible annunaki leader dressed up like a human and feeling pain at seeing this video. Hi my name is Troy. I AM. ANU. YOU MAY KNOW MY SON, ENKI, HE HAS BEEN WATCHING YOU 20 YEARS NOW U MIGHT KNOW HIM BETTER IF YOU CHANGE AROUND THE LETTERS ON YOUR SNEAKERS. we ARE HERE Assyria WILL BE THE 1. a SHINING EXAMPLE OF my love for human, THE SONS OF MAN. I WILL CRY TONIGHT WHEN I REMEMBER THIS VIDEO. I OWN ALL DEMONS. I AM THE DIRECTOR OF THE BREEZE  AND troy IS MY FINGER . I AM SADDENED NOW BY HUMAN, U R BAD SONS.

  5. I guess I have to give ISIS credit for freeing those prisoners. However, trying to find something nice to say about ISIS is like trying to find something good that happened during Trump's Presidency.

  6. That's why we have so much crime in the USA. Criminals don't mind doing time here!!!! To most foreigners, our prisons must be like a 5 star hotel to them!!!!! Edit: Btw, what was that thumbnail pic all about????

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