12 Days of Paranormal Videos Christmas 2016 Announcement!

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Also, sorry! The 12 Days actually starts on December 14th, not 13th! Santa was tired when he was working that out…

Hey, sorry we didn’t get this announced sooner! It’s been super hectic at work and trying to get this together to be able to put out twelve days consistently of videos. Apologies for lack of communication, but hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Bwahaha, I bought 4 Hatchimals when they first came out and donated them to local families in need just so I could laugh at the assholes standing in line for hours to buy one for their spoiled brat kids…..

    I love being evil…..

  2. I'm guilty of hitting the LIKE button before the video even starts… I already know it's going to be good… ?? Keep 'em coming TBR!!! More Nathan Too!!! ?? Yaaaas!!! ??

  3. Woo hoo and spank my bottom Santa! I know I'm on the Naughty list but is there anything I can do Santa to get on the nice list!(???
    P.S Santa I just love the Boo Review!??

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