12 Scariest Lost Tapes Which Were Found

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In this top 12 list, we look at the most scary lost tapes or footage which turned out to be found. Whether they’re real or fake, let…


  1. I've been wondering,.. if perhaps, the "Slenderman", might be something akin to a Tolpa. "not sure if the spelling is correct",
    A, "Tolpa", is something in Tibetan & Nepalese lore, that's most easily deceived as being a, "thought form".
    A… thing, that did not, or dose not, exist, but is given an actual physical form, and is brought into being, as the result of being "thought" of , or believed in strongly enough.
    From what I've read about the subject, that's what "I" understood it to be.
    Could Slenderman have "started" out, as simply being a frightening urban legend or myth, that became more and more well known, and eventually, more & more people had heard of the Slenderman.
    If, let's say,… 8 %, of ALL the people that heard about Slenderman, we're actually Genuinely & TRULY frightened,..and, Oh-h-h-h,.. about, 2 or 3..million people in total, have heard of it, that's be.. what, like, 160,000 people, thinking OF, and frightened by, the very same thing. Maybe it's like, an embodiment of that enormous amount of very negative thoughts/fears. Could, so MUCH "negative energy", about one very "specific" thing, actually,.."accumulate", and take a semi-physical form, being both real, nd, UN-real, at the same time…??

  2. A drunk homeless person came to and gave me a hug I never wanted a hug I got on my bike to a store for help when I came out my tyre was flat and the homeless person was just around the corner I'm not joking either. What would you do if you were me.

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