13 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera 2017 | Real ghost sighting

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“DARK3” is the Most Popular Ghost Video Channel. This video is a compilation of most viewed scary ghost videos on the internet. Best of scary Videos all time. these videos are taken from different places, this shows the presence of a real ghost in this world, watch it and share. @DARK3#
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  1. I just luv these wonderful videos. Everything is just on the spot, 100% scary.. Now im going to need a medium to come over and bless me cuz im really feeling the evil coming from these videos.. Spooky

  2. Lol, I haven't seen any thing that can't be de-bunked. My house has serious ghosts…they turn on the lights, the vacuum, the TV, latest was shutting the toilet seat. I have had my hair touched while in bed at night. Keeps me entertained. The only evil thing I have had, is a black mist float thru the doorway of the bedroom.

  3. Scary story:
    Once i was sleeping at my grandmas house and i woke up at around 1am i saw a tall black showdow i ran to my grandma and asked if i could sleep with her she said "sure" I told my mom when she picked me up. Every one told me it was problay a dream or the shadow of a tree. I still think it was something more sinister.

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