13 Scariest Abandoned Places In The World

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Here are the top 13 most frightening abandoned places from creepy doll factories to Chernobyl the worst nuclear accident ever!

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7. Glenwood Power Plant
Looking creepy enough to be used as a filming location for horror movies, this power plant has…


  1. Im old and doubt my kids would want my stuff so i downsized to where only the neccesities are left. ill be damned if i left a bunch of beautiful things just to get taken to goodwill!

  2. I remember driving in England and going to a place called Newcastle and i had turned off the motorway a touch too early but still headed in the right direction. As i was heading further north i made my way through a very eerie deserted town called Billingham. It was as if the authorities had just forgotten it and you could tell no real money had been spent on it for decades if not longer. It never had one public amenity of worth and reminded me of those horrible pictures of Dresden after the war when Winston Churchill carpet bombed civilian towns. To make it more sinister i did notice three hanging baskets trying the impossible task of bringing in light to this god forsaken spot. The plants did not look healthy as there was this miasma coming off a factory and engulfing all of this wretched town with a smell beyond human limits, oddly enough , the factory giving off this stench was a food factory .
    P.S. I was careful not to stray off the motorway on the way back.

  3. For those of you in or visiting Australia i HIGHLY reccomend checking out Port arthur. Its a tourist destination with tours and a rich but BRUTAL history and the ghost tours are insane… If you do check it out, be sure to volunteer for the solitary confinement cells on the ghost tour and make sure you check our the silent chapel. Homestly id love to see a whole video just on Pirt Arthur its a great place to visit ive been twice.

  4. I had expected to see the abandoned beach resort in Famagusta, Cyprus. All people fled and hundreds of apartments were left behind during the armed conflict in the 70s.

  5. There is so much history and interesting details related to these places but only 20 seconds or so dedicated to talking about them. Why not do only a few in more depth. What’s the bloody rush?

  6. 3:114:33 hey did you make the background music yourself or did you find it somewhere? Because I really enjoy the melody that's in the Bell sound and I'd like to cut out the violins and just add 808 drums and some soft snyth sounds and make a beat out of it for SoundCloud

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