2018 International UFO Congress A-List Roundtable, 02-14

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Live video broadcast roundtable at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Travis Walton, Stephen Bassett, Jennifer Stein, Jason McClellan, Jim Lough, Dr. Bob Gross, Dean Alioto, Yvonne Smith, Heidi Gadd, Kevin Gasman “What would it be like if the Phoenix Lights happened today?” and many more topics discussed.


  1. What a bunch of crap! Are they all part of the coverup?? The same people we have seen and heard from 20 years ago, telling us the same thing we know about a coverup?? No New sightings, No New evidence, no New contacts, in all these years not a damn thing new from 2015 to 2018, like the UFOs and ET kindly just went on a break so us poor earthlings wont get information overload, so we can go watch these foggies do a rehash party??

  2. There is a point that seems to be missed in this "round table". Belief in UFOs/ETs may be broad, but the belief in the "experiencer" egotism (Travis Walton, who is not egotistic, being the singular exception) is hard to accept. And that is the real issue.

  3. Martin Willis, you shudn't have had a go at "secure team 10" mate. What you said to distant yourself from this site is pure old man fuddy duddy "when i was a nipper blaa blaa" Secure Team is slightly sensational ONLY in the way that the presenter "Tyler" is trying to sound inviting and colourful much in the same way Jimmy Church is on F2B. If he can make a little or more money like this than being unemployed or working all god's hours in a sweat shop yeah so pipe down your derisory dismissive content. Tyler only just recently did a little number on a number of top topics raising awareness in a way that is easy to get into and actually gets it out in bite size uploads better than your "this is our walled garden" boring spiritualist church stamp collector train spotting presence of being…

  4. I think you need to watch Secureteam10 and then explain your comment! Thirdfazeofthemoon is most definitely junk and will do just about anything in the pursuit of subscribers and views. Secureteam10 is NOT one of those types of channel! It’s flippant, throw away remarks like that that do the UAP phenomena a disservice!
    Making such a sweeping comment like that makes me suspicious of how much I should take you seriously when you clearly haven’t, in this instance at least, done your research!

  5. Secureteam10 have 1,5+M views THAT IS TRUE DISCLOSURE & Thirdfaseofthemoon going 0,5M views …I (nobody) have tens of UFOs fotos 🙂 hi from heart of Europe 🙂 we do NOT NEED GOVS tell us Cat is cat 🙂

  6. the illuminati has intention to unite all humanity under one organization,
    the question is- do we want to advertise the UFO phenomena with the aliens,
    and to split humanity between many alien organization that will fight each other?

  7. maybe the et s are us and they are coming from the futur and now that we have reached the stage where something really bad will happen there coming to say if you carry on you will destroy the time line. and that would be worse then hell. maybe they had to wait this long before they could recognise what took place and how it came about. timing is everything. as you might say. its just a thought. take the movie the 12 monkeys and you can aee what happened there. and that was a movie.

  8. my mother knew from a child and she was born in 1928 so its old and not new. i have seen man made and the others. way too meny not to believe. i understand a lot more and think and no one has a agree but it makes sense to me. the story as told in the bible. jesus the wondering star add it up. could he be half human and part ET. ? then we have a passage , God is the light. the light. think about that. what is the light? to me that is the pure energy of everything and with out it nothing would exist. we are all connected to it. everything in the universe and all dimentions. thats how remove viewing works and all the other things telepathy. are mind is part of everything from a atom in the brain is as connected to the edge of the universe no distance inbetween. so the bible was writtern way back but if we look at it with a modern mind and add science you can see that theres more to it. it has been changed like all others ftom the original but they left in some things and that was because it seemed ok at the time . thank the light as i say. pure light energy. not photons but a more refined light energy. am sure if we can see way way down the microscopic view we could see it . in fact the lens etc you would just see a shimmering light energy. the smallest thing there is. but its every where. am sure more people already know this. i thought of an idea and i was looking at my research one day and looked something up and i was shocked to see that a person from a london academice body with the same surname as my self and found it was the exact same idea in the same area. in 1930's it was forgottern due to the out break of war and never was rekindled. i was blown away by this and he was still around when i was a kid. i can only say that we are all connected and i 'am not even sure if i'am related to him. to me it made me realise that we really are all connected. and all the answers we already know about and they are no secrets. thats what i believe.

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