3 Chilling Paranormal Occurrences Caught on Camera

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When it comes to the unexplained, many of us have stories to tell. However, capturing such strange events on camera is a rarity. What follows are three videos submitted by subscribers, which claim to show mysterious – possibly paranormal – occurrences. Watch the footage and decide for yourself. #ghost # paranormal #caughtoncamera

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  1. #2 looks like the reflection of the infrared light is "pegging out" the white value of the camera. It is pixelated like that wherever there is a reflection of the IR light (on the wall, reflected off the metal door threshold, and around the corner of the wall). It's just a digital anomaly of the camera, not a portal of any kind.

  2. Second footage is pretty standard digital camera glitch. If you look at the bottom of the door, you'll see a couple of subtle pixel artifacts there too. And they disappear at the same time the big pixelated circle on the wall does. Nothing paranormal there. Not that it is out of the question that supernatural forces can interact with digital/electrical equipment. For example, a television. But it will be within the device itself.

    For example, if there was anything supernatural interacting with the surveillance camera of the second footage, it would be with the camera itself, not on the wall. Meaning the glitch comes from the camera device, not the wall. But it doesn't look paranormal at all. I myself as a teenager saw a pixelated skull starting to appear on my television set, coupled with scary loud static noise. Exactly when I tried to enter in contact with entities. It was coming form the set itself, not the channel. As changing channel didn't do anything. So yeah, pretty chilling, and very difficult to rationalize…

  3. Number 2, Rose and her mother was it? I hope they read this…

    It could well be a camera malfunction. However, it could be something spiritual also. Regardless of the video, as a witch the mother is in contact with and influenced by demons/ unclean spirits. This is why witchcraft is strictly forbidden in scripture. Spirits of God have no need for rituals and incantations because they act on His supreme authority. Demons need legal rights to be there, which were given when the mother engaged in witchcraft. Interesting that she felt compelled to perform the ritual on Halloween, telling of the demonic influence. If Roses mother did open a "portal", then it's going to be for more demons to enter, nothing is leaving. Each that enters can be worse than the last. It's a very dangerous situation to be in.

    As a former occult enthusiast myself, I humbly suggest immediately repenting of the witchcraft and praying to the Living God who made all things, in the name of His son Jesus Christ, for forgiveness, salvation and protection. There is no other way. Why not see what the word of God has to say on the matter? Read The Bible and check out some online resources: https://biblereasons.com/witchcraft/

    Also, feel free to visit Life Church Online- live.life.church – where you can chat with hosts/ guests, learn more about true Christianity, request prayers and receive friendly, Bible-based guidance.

    Just want to say that I'm not passing judgment on anyone here- I used to dabble in witchcraft myself and had a particular distaste for Christianity. That's part of the reason I felt compelled to speak out, because I know that God can take anything the devil has broken and make it whole again. His love and mercy are awesome! Given freely to all who humbly ask. Prayers are with Rose and her family- every blessing in Jesus' name.

  4. When exploring or communicating with elementals, hidden people, gnomes, etc. we can and should protect ourselves to recite this mantra of protection from Tibet 108 times a day: Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha. It is important that we protect ourselves always. You can see more here bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  5. In my mom's property, there are rambutan trees in the backyard, in one of those tree, there a spirit ( local called Kuntilanak / Pontianak) yes you'll hear chicken clucking from time to time up in that one tree, then something will happen, one of my neighbor was being splash with something, other being pushed from front, one branch moving as if something was playing on it. It still there, the tree and the spirit. No one brave enough to cut it down as the last person who tried to cut it get possessed, and one week later got stroke.
    Ya I know this sounds like crap and nonsense, but it is what it is.

  6. The glass shattering can happen by shooting it with a metal BB gun. You can tell it comes from the direction from under the camera so whoever did it is trying to claim his house is haunted by shooting a BB gun at a glass or it came from outside the window from somebody shooting from outside in

  7. Its true. You will never ever ever hear chicken noises at night from a chicken. Chickens roost at night and sleep at night. They always make sure they are in their bed or roost right before dark. They dont get up or move until morning. I've never heard any of them make a noise at night unless they're disturbed by something really really close. To hear a chicken at night is odd so according to their legend its a vampire. So there you go. Never investigate chicken noises at night

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