1. Bro I appreciate all the research and time it took for you to make these videos but you sound like you’re high or stone or something most of the time it’s really offputting a your channel will be so much better if you just add a little emotion and inflection to your voice

  2. You should check out Jon Krakauer's documentary on Everest, he was actually there reporting when his group and another got stuck in a storm and several people he was climbing with died, including his guide. But i guess everyone knows that now that they made a big movie about it. Still Into thin Air is the book and documentary. He's the real deal.

  3. With all of the new science and forensics it seems like how the heck did they ever solve cases back in these days… Lol.. I remember the last one.. I'm from Indy and that case was crazy!! Now I'm in Florida and it's more crazy here! Lol..

  4. For anyone else wondering, Herbert’s Sav-a-Lot isn’t affiliated with Save-a-Lot. One of the photos included is Herbert’s “Sav” and another is “Save” as in the grocery store. They were founded in the same state, but different businesses.

  5. Great content as always but there's a serious issue with the narration. Speaker sounds like he's on quaaludes. Thanks for posting but I couldn't finish watching cos I was beginning to fall asleep myself

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