3 REAL Horror Stories that are Creepy as Hell

Here are 3 creepy stories told by the authors’ points of view, who allegedly went through what you’re about to hear. *Some pictures were included with these stories*
The authors for these stories are credited at the start, thank you for sending them in. Note: I messed up the order for the authors. The F. Bros wrote the second story, and Birdie400 wrote the third story. No, TheFineBros were not…


  1. Anyone else come back in time to watch Mr. Nightmare? Came from 2099 my grandpa used to tell me about these videos and so I needed to come experience this myself. Definitely worth the trip..

  2. why does everyone in situation like story one and they just say the cops are here, i wouldnt i would lock myselfsomewhere with a knife andwait for the cops to comeand arrest the dickhead

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