3 Scary Things That Have Happened Around The World

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Today we want to listen to 3 Scary Things That Have Happened Around The World. Do you like haunted stories and the paranormal? (stories have been written by myself) I am sure this Frostmare Viewer episode will send some shivers down your spine. And now enjoy 3 scary stories to tell in the dark. If you have your own creepy videos and clips you would like to send to me, please do so:…


  1. Don't forget to check out Frostmares's live videos that runs 24/7, everyone. You all are welcome to join us in the chat too. Us Mods are nice people (especially moms). ?

    And congrats on the 40k subs, Frost!
    Stay Frostayyyy ?

  2. Great stories. Very creepy. I enjoyed them very much and as always I enjoy your narration. That's so sad when parents don't believe their children. so many children are sensitive to the spirit world and see things that adults don't always see and they need their parents support. I have seen shadow people on my life and have many other paranormal things that have happened to me since I was young but I never bothered to tell my parents because I knew they wouldn't believe me either. That's not a good I love your channel as always and thank you for your good work.

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