3 True Scary Stories From Reddit (Vol. 51)

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Everyone loves a good scary story every now and then to spook them before they go to sleep, but how about when those “stories” turn out to be real life occurrences?

Note: Some of these stories may be from the perspective of women.

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  1. In no. 2 as soon as she said "He doesn't feel real" I realised she's mentally ill and dissociating REALLY bad. People need to be more aware that people who act crazy most of the time aren't even aware they are and what they actually need is help and not being shunned aside… Self awareness is really hard to acquire when your sense of reality is warped, and many just say stuff just so they aren't left alone but don't realise that it's WRONG, since morality is pretty subjective and ethics are warped due to the illness. Once that happens you go into survival mode and it gets harder and harder to get back from that position.
    This is coming from someone who spent most of his teenage years dissociated and battles with mental illnesses since then.

  2. Incoherent grammatically correct nonsense sounds like something known as “word salad.” It’s where the mind can’t follow one thought/sentence beginning to end, like using auto predict on your phone. It’s mainly a symptom of schizophrenia, which would also explain the delusions and paranoia

  3. I found no. 3 frustrating as it may have been preventable. For starters, a known offender following someone, especially after being told not too and when it’s a minor is illegal. And even if due to some loop-hole it wasn’t in that instance, police or parents can have a “talk” with someone like that. Showing that it is in their best interests to stop. …. and also, couldn’t that moron go to autozone and buy himself a new headlight? Seriously

  4. I luv your channel. That 3rd story pissed me off… Dude is a idiot…he should have documented everything or at least made a police report so it can be a file!!! SMH….my BFF was stalked n a similar way and she wrote down and reported each thing to build a case ??. She said she wasn't going to be a victim!!! She had pics and time stamps.. .she was granted a restraining order.

  5. Always excited to get your notification! Story #3 SMH. Authorities should've been notified and document everything. Hopefully there are security cameras to verify what is going on. You handled this situation totally wrong. People tell your family, friends, coworkers, etc if someone does something to make you afraid. Don't worry if people think you are paranoid. Better than being assaulted, kidnapped and/or murdered. He's a registered sex offender. Tell the police!! Whether or not he did anything "illegal" he is and always be on police radar. SMH.

  6. Elderly, nosey and snarky = best combination ??

    Okay, #3 kinda irked me a little. The person could literally have gone to the police at any point after realising they were being targeted, especially after finding out that 'Jeff' was a registered sex offender. Even if the police can't arrest him, then at least they'll have a record of incident reports you've made (this is why it's highly advised for victims of small scale sexual harassment/assaults to keep a diary of events, so that you can have a recorded history of events showing an escalation in their assaulter's behaviour, and so that it can also be presented as evidence at a later date). The fact that 'Jeff' is on a sexual offender registry would also have warranted the police giving him a warning (or if the police didn't offer, then ask them to do so, you would have been well within your rights). There were multiple witnesses that could have supported your case report as well.

    :^( sorry, but it seriously frustrates me when I hear about people having to live in fear or discomfort because of a predator, especially when they aren't aware of or second-guess their possible avenues for help dealing with the situation…

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