4 Most Extreme Haunted Houses

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We find out what makes these haunted houses so scary! GMM #557!
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  1. McKamey Manor is torture here are some of the things they make you do
    Pull your hair
    Stick things in your mouth
    Tie you up
    Make you eat (nasty) stuff
    Put bugs on you (and scorpions)
    Lock you up in a box with all kinds of stuff
    And drowning and these are only some of the things they do to you
    Unless you REALLY want to go I recommend to not go there

  2. Guys trust me, you do not want to go to Mckamey Manor. Keep in mind that there is NO safeword. So the NO safeword rule also applies when they tie you up, physically beat you, waterboard you, rip out your hair, jam their fingers your mouth to the point you bleed, locked in a freezer for what feels like forever, slap you, shuv inedible food down your throat, shave your head, throw you into a river, lock you in another freezer full of water where they force you to hold your breath for unreal times and so many more. This is NOT a haunted house, it is a torture house. If you want to have the feeling of being kidnapped and the feeling of near death situations, you might like the manor. Either way this is NOT a place you wanna try. Period.

  3. Mkamey Manor is so fucked up. Ive seen the videos and not only do they scare you, but they torture you and abuse you like they hit you and pull your hair and just treat you like human garbage

  4. I’ve been to the Haunted Hoochie when I was in high school!!! It was awesome, fun things while you wait, lots of parking, and awesome merch. I got a pair of haunted hoochie undies ? I scare easily and had a BLAST there! Ohio FTW!

  5. First haunted tour I ever went on I was slammed into multiple trees and someone shoved me into a doorknob. The doorknob was the only time I screamed. Didn't get to finish the tour cause a girl was so freaked she started having a asthma attack and dragged me outside. My dad thought I left because I was scared until I showed him the bruises on my ribs.

  6. I’m from Pataskala. The haunted hoochie is serious. They have people in the line to scare you while you wait. I almost pee’d my pants in middle school. I haven’t been anywhere else that scared me like the haunted hoochie.

  7. Those places seem like they are for people who are looking for a way to get full on PTSD! you have GOT to have a mental issue if you willingly go into these places for so called fun. YIKES!

  8. I was hoping you’d mention pennhurst state penitentiary. I actually live in the state it’s located. I work in a hospital, and I took care of one of the nurses who worked in pennhurst state penitentiary when it was around still. It’s a pretty creepy place in itself. I haven’t been to any of those though. Love y’all!

  9. Rather than going to any of these, might as well do Fear Factor©. Does anyone agree? It's less scary than any of these and I mean WAY less scary than doing these because it's only one thing scaring you.

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