4 Scariest Places in the World You Should NOT Visit

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There are places on this planet that would make your skin crawl. Places that induce heavy breathing and paranoia. Here are some of the creepiest, most terrifying, scariest places in the world.

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  1. I'm alone, it's night, and I live next to a cemetery. Still watching this though ?
    I also look up creepy places, I have a thing for very creepy abandoned buildings, like abandoned asylums, hospitals, basically anything in chernobyl, etc. I also live a few miles away from an asylum, some parts are abandoned. My mom used to be a ghost hunter, and she said that if she ever got permission, she'd take me with her into the asylum.

  2. I actually lived for more than 12 years in a house with a ghost…cant say haunted. It was there and we all knew it was there but with the exception if a small handful of incidents it was relatively quiet.

  3. I love this stuff. Had some poltergeist experiences in Santa Fe, where mirrors were yanked off the walls, smashed, things flying through the air including a huge bottle of water thrown into the middle of the room. Sightings of a 17 year old boy running throughout the place, made us look into the history of the building. We found it had been an old adolescent prison facility where one boy had hung himself in the back room. We made a spirit house with offerings and the sightings stopped. EEEEEK!

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