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HAPPY HALLOWEEN…. it’s September 1999
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  1. you are now my favorite YouTuber because you know BTS but do you know these songs fire DNA save me and I Need You original version and their new song idol okay here's a few more bands for you to check out Got7 shiny with an e and another e not a y EXO they just dropped a new song today and you should check out girl bands and Monster X with a a and NCT 127 NCT dream NCT 2018 and so on Etc…???????

  2. Hey Jack I got a video/lets play idea it's called crashlands it's a great not so survival game that I'm sure you would love plus 2 player is coming out soon so you could bring a friend

  3. Hey Jack!! Please play Deltarune, the sequel to Undertale. You gave such life and joy to the characters in Undertale and I can't wait to see how you bring them to life this time <3

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