5 ABANDONED TOWNS You’re Not Allowed To Visit

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“Gloom Horizon” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Yeara ago on a ghost town show I think show was on We. An actor told of an experience he.and his wife had in England. The couple.had wandered into a town the entire population had died in a fire in the town church. Excaping the Black death. I can not recall who the actor was it will come to me later maybe.

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  4. It's really cool 2 go & explore abondend sites. The adrenaline rush knowing that you are not supposed to be there & the excitement of what's around the next corner. Just be safe when you go adventure in these situations

  5. I've noticed some postings on Centralia, PA. Yes, you can visit the town. I've personally traveled there, as it is not too far from my home, about an hour and a half. You can walk the "Graffiti" road, you can walk certain streets, but it's on your dime, if you know what I mean. The cemetery and its surroundings are off limits, of course, it being roped off. The fire has spread to both sides of the main road, past the homes. No one is allowed there. A few people still live in town, and one gentleman serves as a quasi-caretaker, cutting the lawns and open areas of the town, at his own expense. As far as the USPS, it was just a few years ago, when it decided no mail delivery to the town. The remaining people have to pick up their mail at a post office a half hour or more away, in the town of Bloomsburg. Theoretically, the town according to the USPS having had its zip code removed a few years ago, does not exist, according to the USPS.

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