5 Eerie Historical Events Experts Struggle to Explain

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From the mysterious San Francisco ghost blimp to some green children that may have come from an alternate universe, we count 5 eerie historical events experts struggle to explain.




  1. I want to watch your videos so badly but the inflection style at the end of every sentence drives me crazy! I wish it was spoken in a more neutral way like the beginning of the sentence.

  2. The london hammer is a preflood artifact you moron. Fallen angels gave us knowledge including mixing metals for weopons and tools. Even today the most prized and secret artifacts are that of preflood. How can someone who has seen so much not believe in the Most High? Or maybe you do but do not follow.

  3. Hello Slapped Ham, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your videos and watch them often. Today's video really didn't offer anything new as all of the items have been seen a hundred times by anyone that watches paranormal related offerings. Peace

  4. I love the green children stories. So curious. The author of The Lord of the Rings and many other fantastic fantasy meets history books fiction books, he was a professor of linguistics and was brilliant as many people know. One think a bit more unknown is that the language of the elves was loosly based off his fascination with the Finnish language. In his childhood it was unknown and stage to locals and was the mystery language of his time. Little was known about it's factual past and where it came from, only that is existed. From there I guess he took his love for language and ran with it. Today we have dozens of amazing stories that all stem from his mind, and now his son's work and grandson's works will continue to entertain and fill us with wonder and awe. Amazon Prime is getting ready for it's largest and most expensive to date project with the Tolkien Estate in creating a Middle Earth Television series. It's rumors to be the era of when Aragon was younger for those interested ?

  5. My daughter's nickname is Ham, her name is somewhat uncommon, Amarissa like Melissa but with an "Am" instead of a "mm" sound at the begining.. and to explain how to pronounce her name I always said "Amarissa, it's Am like Ham ah rissa" simple enough but it helped people understand.

  6. 5 – Accident, then both fell out. / 4 – Fonario's death might evoke a sneer but remember Remote Viewing includes how to harm at a distance. / 3 – Dropa stones are amazing for their miniature carvings. It's possible. Destroying the stones is a crime against humanity. / 2 – The Green kids weren't the only ones, there were blue ones in Kentucky and others in France. / 1 – Time travel, or a joke Easter egg hidden in the simulation.

  7. I love these fascinating stories. There is SO much stuff that happens that is unexplained. But that woman WAS attacked psychically. If you play around with the dark side you meddle with powers and principalities that shouldn't be meddled in. You may feel powerful and that you can handle it, but DONT go down that track. There is darkness of evil you cannot be begin to comprehend. Everything has a cost and you will HAVE to pay, either in this life or the next. You have been warned!

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