5 Families That VANISHED Without a Trace

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  1. Has anybody thought of this?

    I think Sylvia's boss couldve done it…..I doubt any boss would inform police if his employee remains absent from work just for a day ?

    Thats way too much !

  2. wait wait wait… Can't get past the first story. Dude was bound and legs weighed down by a concrete block but there where no signs of foul play? Really where did these cops get their training?

  3. Have you ever done anything on Jeffrey Lundgren and Ronald Luff? Jeffrey was a Cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet of the reorganized church of later say saints in Kirtland, Ohio in the 80s. Luff was his "right hand man" The family he killed used to live in Madison, Ohio when I was very little right up the street from where I lived. I played with their daughters. One day, they just moved away and rented a farmhouse in Kirtland. The next I heard about them, they were dead. The details are awful. He killed them in April 1989 and nobody even knew anything about it until December of that year! Anyway, it's a horrible…and interesting story. I'd love to watch a video about it created by this channel. Keep it up! My husband and I love what you do!!

  4. 5:14 I think the evidence shows they were possibly carjacked by a cartel member who forced them to take him over the boarder into Mexico where he later killed them so that they couldn’t talk it’s the only reason I can think of

  5. I respect your channel as much as i respect criminally listed. His videos are mostly with unsolved cases and killings in general. The fact that you made a video with stories that i don't remember seeing in criminally listed makes me admire you even more. Thank you

  6. How sad those stories are, I never think of entire families vanishing,it's usually just one person. You got to feel sorry for the poor kids,especially if they've been murdered, I just do not know how anyone could hurt,let alone murder an innocent child.

  7. Thanks for touching on the Doomsday family. I live in Bunbury, which is where the train departed. Not much is mentioned about this case anymore around here.

  8. Kinda gulped there at #1 when I heard "The Martin Family." I have a cousin named Kenneth Martin and a aunt named Barbara Martin, née Pressley. Although her mom was a Martin before marrying my Grandpa Paul. Yep, Martins on both sides of the family tree and maternal aunts and uncles who married Martins as well. Also, my dad's first wife's mom was a Martin before marriage. Thankfully, I've found no relations in either side's lineage. It's just a very common surname.

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