5 Forbiden Places On Earth WE DARE YOU To Visit!

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5 Forbiden Places On Earth WE DARE YOU To Visit!


The world is full of beauty and mystery, and with modern day transport it’s easy enough to journey to anywhere you want to experience the local culture and sights. There are, though, a number of places where visitors are not welcome- whether it be for their own safety or the safety of others. In this video we will feature 5…


  1. the Brazilian police have not been anyone from Snake Island coaches go over Snake Island to grab venomous snakes to sell them on the black market so people in the United States can buy them and there was a show on Discovery Channel that people went over to Snake Island to see if they could find a treasure so do not say that Brazil's government is being people to go to Snake Island

  2. I am from Puerto Rico and I have been in monkey island and is not dangerous. Some monkeys are ok and you can touche them. The monkeys that are dangerous have some type of accesories

  3. Okay, why are you daring people to visit North Sentinel Island? Doing that could kill the entire native population through diseases that they haven't developed any immunity to during multiple millennia of isolation. Visiting that island would condemn everyone on it.

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