5 Incredibly Mysterious Reddit & 4Chan Posts That Remain Unsolved…

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  1. Mattress Firm is just a terribly run business that over expanded and can’t compete with a slew of internet retailers that don’t have the real estate cost basis…no evidence of money laundering. Buying that many locations to launder money would be idiotic.

  2. I asked the live support of matress firm about the situation about the stores located so close to each other, and this was their answer:

    This would depend on which type of Mattress Firm each location would be. This two locations could be different. Once could be a outlet and one could be a regular store.

    That explains a lot right? Mystery solved or is she making things up.

  3. The Mattress Firm thing is an easy thing to explain away. Look up the video Company Man did about it, and he shows that you can prove that it was just them Buying out their competition and taking over their stores, no matter how close they were to them before.

  4. Dammm. Ive always wondered why there are so many Mattress Firms in my town. And i live in a small town. And at one spot we have 3 within a 1/4 mile area. They can't be pushing that many mattresses

  5. The Mattress Firm conspiracy is explained well by another channel called Company Man. Essentially the reason they are so close to each other is because they buy out their competitors locations that are closing. It's easy to just take up the space and set up shop. Not the smartest idea though as they have recently filed for bankruptcy and it's likely due to growing too fast with the acquisition of so many stores. Link here: https://youtu.be/gatTqg_nldc

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