5 Most Deadly Ghost Attacks and Paranormal Related Deaths

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Ghost attacks do not usually result in death. Even the most malevolent of spirits struggle to muster enough strength to cause serious harm. However, there are cases that allege some ghost attacks are deadly and that paranormal deaths can happen. These real stories of ghosts attacks are true horror.

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  1. Wow! You're gonna like the answer to one of your stories. Regarding Carl Pruitt: attached is a link to an article from cvltnation.com written by one JasonB. Jason did an extensive research for information on Carl Pruitt and came up completely empty handed. The closest he got to the truth was when he discovered that the story seemed to stem from a book of graveyard ghost tales written in the year 2000. The one thing I found most interesting is that JasonB's mini bio at the end states that he is an apparent satanist and is looking forward to Hecate waiting for him at the crossroads when he dies.. Not related… but still creepy to me.

  2. I have been to the island to Alcatraz and have been in the Hole" and even closed the steel door. I was in there about 10 min. I just remember being damn cold for the floor is steel and the sides of the room are steel. It was extremely black and bone chilling. I did not feel any scary. Just super dark and extreme cold..

  3. I don't know how I feel about the ghost stories in Africa. I've heard some insane stories coming out from there. Africans are more superstituous than anyone I've ever met. I heard a story about Nigerian cops arresting a goat because they alleged the person who had committed a crime had turned himself into a goat to avoid being arrested. Lol. In lots of parts of Africa they abduct and murder albino people to chop off their parts to use them in magic potions. LOL

  4. I had the opportunity to step foot in both solitary confinement cells at Alcatraz while i was on a tour there. I don't know if it's just knowing how many awful people have suffered in there, but it definitely was extremely uncomfortable. I've never felt so spooked by a simple location in my life; I stood in there for around twenty seconds before I had to step back out. My father refused to even go in.

  5. The 50/50 brothel in Nigeria… I don't believe a word about paranormal happenings. What I do believe is that most unsavory places like that have owners/customers that are unsavory as well. You know these women would never tell if an actual human had beat up and killed the two people. I would look at other brothels wanting their customers or any kind of a mafia-like organization.

  6. WOW, real liberal bunch back then. He comes home to find a man ballz deep in his wife, loses his mind and kills her, then he's the one seen in disgrace! Now I've heard it all. It wasn't right to kill her, but he deserved far better treatment than that. No wonder he's a furious and deadly apparition. He's plenty to be indignant about!

  7. I'm not trying to say that the Nigerian brothel thing could possibly be a cover-up for rhe pimp for beating his girls!! Because the pimp didn't die n was found unconscious but no description of his injuries, so he could have been pretending to have been knocked out just so he could get away with beating up the hookers!! But who knows cuz it's very possibly could have happened, but we may never know!!

  8. I sympathize with the brothel ghost. If I was a ghost that lurked within that area and then a brothel was eventually built upon the land that I was bound to, I know that I'd become violent too after being forced to see and hear the perversion and degeneracy that happens there each and every day.

  9. If the boy who threw stones at Pruitt's tombstone was killed on his way home, how does anyone know that he threw stones at the tombstone? If the mother who then destroyed the tombstone was killed shortly thereafter, how does anyone know she destroyed the tombstone? Especially if it was later found intact. Sorry, that one's a FAIL.

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