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These places are terrifying!
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  1. I don't put much into psychics but if indeed, what she said woth that little girl is true. That is so sweet and awesome to not only give her a doll but then everyone else giving dolls. I hope she is now happy with all her new dolls and at peace and is giggling now with her toys instead of crying without any.

  2. Great Video !!! I would LOVE to visit the grave yard. I Love going to old scary grave yards. This place looks so spooky and magical – mystic. Right up my alley. I love arrow head hunting and finding old Indian grave yards.

  3. oh my goodness. it should be standard to pronounce capital cities of english-speaking countries correctly, but THANK YOU for not saying EE-DIN-BERG because i hear it so much on yt and it drives me up the wall.

  4. (#5) EVERY TIME I hear of another shrink who is mad as a hatter. Its pretty bad when the "doctor" working on your head is more fucked up than you are. And Ive seen this ALOT in real life.

  5. Alternate title for this video: 5 Places I'll NEVER Visit Even If I Win A Huge Lottery! I've got enough ghosts in my life without going out of my way to add more, thanks.

    I'd like to point out that no one should be in the least surprised about Japan's suicide forest. Given the extreme family and social pressures put upon Japanese young people in combination with the odd cohabitation of high tech and ancient superstition, Japan is uniquely qualified for such a dreary location. While there are other suicide forests in the world, none are as well known or as aptly situated!

  6. I'm from Scotland and live a mile from the castle. There are not many countries with as much history as Scotland and as cities go, Edinburgh is unique. In its architecture, layout, position and the fact we have an 800ft 380 million y/o volcano in the middle of the city called Arthur's Seat. Edinburgh castle also stands upon a smaller volcano from the same period. Edinburgh is consistently voted as the most beautiful city in Scotland and the UK and among the most beautiful anywhere on earth, but if you want to experience the flip side of the fast paced city, go to the Scottish Highlands, one of the last wildernesses in Europe, its a 20,000sq mile landscape of mountains, forests, rivers, glens, lochs, moors, rare wildlife and arctic plateaus. We also have over 750 islands. From mountainous, prehistoric, rugged, islands like Skye, to smooth sandy islands covered in low hills and some of the best beaches in the world, like Lewis and Harris. Which was voted the most beautiful island in Europe and the 3rd in the world by trip advisor.

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