5 Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police!

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5 Paranormal Sightings Witnessed By Police!


Being a police officer is one of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world. You have to deal with very rugged people, some of the worst in the society, and you are still expected to act normal. A day in the life of a police officer is probably one of the longest days anyone could imagine. But in their job description, I doubt it is…


  1. I believe frenchy later on took his wife and his own life the demon returned because they exorcised the house but not him the demon was in him and it hid until it did the evil deed .

  2. the waterboy is a famous case even the police and chief of police called it real it rained on the kid inside the jail and he could or what was in him could control the water there was a exorcism done on the kid and the priest was rained on with the police in the cell the only thing dry the bible so the kid believed it was his grandpa who had been molesting sense he was small and even in death he would cause him pain so hopefully he is where he is suppose to be

  3. This would have been a cool video if you had actually SHOWED the police footage ??? I could have gone on the internet and READ this SAME information you just said out loud……just FYI you should REALLLLYYYY consider putting ACTUAL videos in your content ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  4. The Enfield "poltergeist" is a total hoax. The girls recanted their testimony and admitted they faked the entire thing. And don't even get me started on The Warrens. (Both charlatans!)

  5. You can look up GARY INDIANA PARANORMAL ACTIVITY….and you can find information on this case news reports social worker reports etc… They weren't lying…. I wish they were.. Check out the guy who bought the house.. He did an invitation and you can check out the interviews… Now I'm not saying that I believe part of his movie he stayed overnight and he believes it attack him and had affect on his crew.. You will have to decide yourself…

  6. It's impossible to catch a ghost on camera or video these are all shopped or fake but I'm not saying ghost arnt real you just can't get them on photos the only time you can see them is if they took over a humans body

  7. Don Decker aka the rain man, his grandfather used to be very abusive and controlling him at a young age. After the death of his grandfather, Don became the rain man with possession. A crucifix put on his hand by the police it burned him. Rain that defy the law of gravity. His story caught the attention of Unsolved mysteries TV show. A priest was summoned to prison for the possession of Don Decker.

  8. Did anyone see the shadow demon on the seat of that police car in the beginning of the video I was scrolling down to see if anyone commented on it. But I guess everyone didn't? It's on the passenger seat then it moves?

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