5 Real Haunted Place videos which can proof Paranormal Phenomena

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Paranormal videos:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:


  1. I am not saying any of it is real or fake, but here is what I don't get. Skeptics come in and say if it was real, where is the evidence? Show me some proof! Then here come the videos, and its immediately "fake". Healthy scepticism is a great thing! But, so is open-mindedness! I happen to know this stuff can be real cuz I have seen it, so I do believe some if these clips are real, but I can also admit that plenty are fake, as well. Just don't assume anything. Judge each one on its own merits.

  2. There is clearly a demon in there watch and listen to the kids about the smell and watch they go running out Listen to the one kid saying Get off of me ! Whatever it was attached to one of the kids Usually when there is a bad rotting smell That's a Demon

  3. Why didnt the girl in the hotel room go for the lights? If i heard strange noises coming out of the closet i sure as hell wouldnt wait there in the dark for the next creepy noise

  4. Hidden Place thank you for not talking through all the videos and actually finding footage that is real. I've been watching scary stuff on YouTube for 4 years now and most of it is all the same repeated footage on different channels. This is the first time in a while I'm watching something different and it makes me upset that those people who all copy each other's videos have millions of views and the guy that actually had good stuff doesn't. Hats off to you man.

  5. The hotel one #4 you could see there was an edit cut right after she closed second closet door and videoed the door to exit. There was a jump in the video, then suddenly you hear a noise and she goes back into closet after hesitating and sees clothes strewn. Sorry I do not buy that one.

  6. Ok… #2 was fucked up bc my grandparents lived in same house for 55yrs. We always said the basement was haunted. It was a nice basement not a scary dungeon basement. And when my cousins were in fm Wisconsin they slept down there in the spare room and one of them AS A TODDLER, too little to lie And too little to know the stories AND lived far away his entire 3 yrs of life said he didnt like it down there bc " spike" was mean and played mean games… It was the first time anyone "named" it. Then a few yrs later my other aunt was goin through pics fm her highschool days in the 80s and in the background under my grandpa's work bench was a face..a sinister ass face. We even thought maybe it was a decoration or something but we confirned that gramma never ever put any decorations on nor under that work bench. It was a red and black face with pointy ears and a big weird mouth that was twisted in a grin. Then i hear these folks call their ghost Spike. I got flippin GOOSE BUMPS

  7. When you use a cheap grainy camera it totally discredits your video. For all we know you had someone go in and mess with it just so you can make a crappy video. Get a better camera if you want to catch a real experience. Not your camera phone.

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