5 Scariest Paranormal Activity & Poltergeists Caught on Camera

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From a poltergeist caught on camera in a home in Canada to ghost spotted on a Korean tv show… Here are five terrifying paranormal videos, that you have hopefully never seen before…

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  1. Hey there. I've just started watching your haunted videos and now I watch them constantly. Its like an addiction. LoL. My girlfriend is getting upset because I haven't been paying much attention. LOL. So I just want to thank you for taking the time out and the tedious time just to make ur viewers enjoy ur show. I normally don't thumb up or down. I don't think one vote by me would make u more successful or does it? Thanks again. Really. Ohh I actually watch ur videos on my tv looks better. All my friends watch when they visit.

  2. #3 i think is faked because of the way the things moved it could easily be wires positioned like they do in the movies which is freely available information online. His reactions too are not realistic.

  3. I believe in ghosts, aliens, monsters, and guardian angels, but not in a single God/creator of the Universe, or Jesus Christ. Nope that's just ridiculous! Aliens, yes aliens must have created themselves. No "sky God" could have possibly made any of them them. What a silly superstitious belief.

  4. Ok I absolutely freaked when the beaded curtain moved to the side. Who ever the guy is he has guts cos at that point I would've been gone, true or fake it was creeeeeepy :/ Great vid in all Thank You.

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