5 SCARIEST Paranormal Videos Caught On Camera….

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Narrated By: Ty Notts
Music: COAG


  1. That third one you can see the security camera up top, why would they have another camera at eye level in the hall way. Fake as shit. Your shit has tanked lately, dawg.

  2. On the first story the cup is metal and only moves as far as a magnet would be able to move it from underneath. Had it falling over the edge that might have been more spectacular but notice it followed only as far as a magnet would have been able to push it from underneath because of the wooden edges of the counter. Come on people.

  3. I’m sorry but, i used to be a fan of your videos, and watch them alot, but your videos got way too Scary for me. Like, i used to watch them alot but they got really creepy, so i had to stop watching them.

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