5 Scariest Paranormal Videos & Photographs Ever Taken…

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Kicking off the month with five pieces of footage supposedly showing paranormal beings… Hit the lights, sit back and enjoy!

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  2. i wouldn't believe a single bit of footage that came out of India. Renowned for scamming and putting up fake paranormal vids. Obviously pulled by someone out of shot.

  3. I don't believe that a human soul can exist separate from the body but I do believe that demons/unclean spirits exist and apparently enjoy talking advantage of the common belief that humans have immortal souls that can live on as "ghosts " these unclean spirits are very much real, know what we fear and likely are much more terrifying as they really are than what they pretend to mimic. Such as grampa come back from the dead to haunt the house etc. I'd like to hear some feedback too on this topic. Cool channel. Keep up the good work

  4. That Indian chick tried to dip out but she jumped too far and misses the train, apparently embarrassed that she couldn't even jump in front of a train the right way, she just quietly got back up on the platform down the station and was seen on security CCTV cruising outta there..Fucking clowned.

  5. I don’t want to call you out on this as I love the videos but you never did much research into the woman and the train as it was confirmed she managed to fall between the tracks the train went over her and she’s seen several minutes leaving the station

  6. Very true eletric eqiment strang noise banging crawling strange animal got good six sens and fact some dog go mad it can either go boiling and cold smeel burning i only done ojeybored weird shit happen personly i nerver saw reflection of spirit rest seen true

  7. The Mumbai Ghost was actually solved! The woman fell in between the wheels under the tracks, and there is video of her leaving the station! "Prety Damn Creepy" as t owhy she'd do that though…

  8. Notice how NO ONE goes over to where I think the edit of what seems a woman falling, jumping from the platform.
    IF it were real folks would be in front of the train & they would be reacting to her death.
    Nope! They're getting off the train & going about their busness.

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