5 SCARIEST Places On Earth: Caught On Camera

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In this Top 5 list, we count down 5 scary places that you probably should not visit. Every thing from unsolved mysteries like a creepy supposedly haunted bridge to scary videos of dangerous places: like a quiet stream that swallows anyone who wades in. Including some great creepy video of people who DID visit, all caught on tape.

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  1. But why the dogs are even jumping if the scientists are saying its because of animals attention the why they are not attaking it for those who survive they are going up again jumping

  2. The glass cracking effect was too much on that one.. I mean what if they panic far too much and go to hold or drape across the rail wall and fall to their death.. Also wtf those people dragging that guy across the other bridge

  3. Jeebus! Scariest part of The Descent for me wasn't the monsters, it was the points in the story where they crawled through super-tight spots. Watching people do it UNDER WATER is worse!! People be crazy!

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