5 SCARIEST Videos Caught In The Forest…

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Narrated By: Ty Notts
Music: COAG


  1. TOP 5 SCARIEST? #5 is just a man surviving in the jungle. Aside from that whats with the 3 mins+ footage with no subtitles whatsoever. Ew. Not even watching the rest. So sad to see this channel run out of content. I'm okay with clickbaiting as long as the content's worth it, but fuck that.

  2. "Scary" and "Creepy" videos? Seriously? Damn you guys are worse than Chills from Top15s. Atleast he does have a creepy voice and music to back up his videos. You guys really need to up the ante and get some good content on this channel again. There's nothing scary about these videos, this is the usual stuff you'd see on National Geographic or Discovery Channel. You gotta do better than this. :-/

  3. Pretty sure the snake just didnt want to get murdered so it didnt eat the cow. Large prey means slow movement and needing to chill for days and digest it. The snake herd the loud ass cameramen and said Fuck this

  4. I appreciate you taking the time to either translate it or finding translated videos. Especially #3 where it was the natural species who live in the ghetto. Sounds like they were making rap music.

  5. That poor snake. More than likely they disturbed it and it gave up its meal. Cow is already dead…and possibly so is the snake. It takes alot of energy and work for them to get a good meal and a long time to digest it. They need to go off and be left alone because that meal would be the only one for quite awhile. They are part of the ecosystem as everything is.??

  6. As much as i do like your channel…

    5) Interesting. Not scary at all – or am i wrong?
    4) Super interesting, disgusting even, but scary? Yeah, nope.
    3) Intriguing. But scary? Monkey using found machette or anything like this, slashing bushes 100m away is scary?
    2) Not quite "in the forest". Plane isn't forest, and finding one in the forest – wouldn't be scary.
    1) Wow, police capturing someone. Or maybe finding police in the woods is scary?

    5 interesting videos, but none of them is scary at all.

    Please… don't go low and use clickbait titles. Just please. Have some respect for the viewers…

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