5 Scary Killer’s Lost Confession Tapes Which Were Found…

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Narrated By: Ty Notts
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  1. For all the Americans who couldn't understand what Peter Sutcliffe aka the Yorkshire Ripper was saying here you go:
    Tarts they looked like was thumbing a lift he says 'oh lets stop and give them a lift it'll be a laugh' I said no leave'em to get a bus you know, so anyway I pulled up and they got in, they was thumbing you know, we got onto Silsden where they lived and er they said 'let's go up on the moors for an hour or so' I knew what they wanted you know and I said 'no get lost I said I brought you here you should be glad you got a lift you know'. Alan says 'come on lets go up on the moors with them have a bit of fun' I says 'no I said I'm a married man you know I'm not two timing anybody', anyway we dropped them of and I realised they was prostitutes that lived at Silsden and had gone on to Bradford to ply their trade you know, anyway that's the reason I went to Silsden later on to see if I could find any of them because it were getting a bit hot on Long Lane the police were everywhere all over Leeds and that you know so I went on there to see if I could see them to bump one of em off cause I was on a mission at the time and I saw this Tracy Brown, she didn't look 15 she looked 19 or 20 she was walking slowly up this lane I thought oh you know um she's probably one of these prostitutes because I had it in me mind that Silsden must be full of prostitutes, anyway I hit her with a branch or something didn't really injure her and threw her over a wall, and I climbed over the wall and I was thinking of bumping her off and this voice said 'stop stop it's a mistake', she never told the police what I said to her then you know, I said 'I'm sorry you'll be alright I'm going now I'm not coming back I'm going now you'll be ok' so I got over the wall back onto the road and got down to me car then a car came up the road and I saw it stop at the top of the road so she must have climbed over the wall and they took her home you know, she can't have been seriously injured cause she would have still been behind the wall you know. THE END
    So there you have it bit rambling but I hope it makes a little more sense, I really must find something else to do while my baked potato is cooking because transcribing English serial killers from the 1970s for an American audience probably isn't the best use of my time, but hey ho I had an hour or so to kill (no pun intended) so here we are.

  2. Omg fucking footlong subway CREEP.. what a weirdo situation to make that lady who was of course acting but to have to like , soak that question in.. which one of your kids room would be …. BETTER ?… to put a camera in.. I hope them homosexual large penis black dudes put 10 and a half inch penis in his outro hole .. ducking weirdo

  3. Ian Huntleys apology is just rubbish! The whole way through he's talking about himself and how it's affected him. If you look back over news footage of him during the search for Holly and Jessica, he's smirking all the way through because he thought he'd got away with a double murder. He's only sorry he got caught.

  4. Top5 killers lost confession tapes… What kind of murderer will be placed at #5??? Jared Fogle… A sandwich artist who has been convicted of pedophilia. Your titles are always fucked and click-baity.

  5. So these tapes weren't lost. Like, they weren't really lost at any point in time. You make it sound like these tapes somehow disappeared and were later found, which is not the case. If you want to recycle content, fine, whatever' but don't lie to your audience. That's a lowly and disgusting tactic, and as a content creator, you should be ashamed.

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