5 Scary Things Caught On Camera & In Real Life – BIGFOOT

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In this Top 5 countdown of SCARY THINGS, we take a look at the scariest sightings of Bigfoot (aka the Sasquatch) caught on camera and witnessed in real life.

A video investigation into scary, bizarre, and strange encounters with the mysterious creature Big Foot. Some of the best or at least the strangest sightings of the cryptid on scary video, along with analysis of the bizarre found…


  1. The Patteson film looks to damn real, in fact it's not just a Bigfoot, but it's a female. The breasts are easily seen, so if they were to fake it a female would be harder yet. I Know that there was a person that claimed to be in the film in a suit, but I think he wants to discredit the film, and infer that Patterson was a charlatan. But he claimed it was a male Bigfoot suit. I could see actual muscle movements. No suit was that good in 1967 it would have cost thousands to make it.

  2. This Bigfoot Bullshit is certainly getting better, even if only for entertainment.

    I think that our SillyScientists need to hang some really good fruity baits right next to some very well-anchored Sticky-Glue -Traps.
    Quit screwing around and get a real hair sample: "If it Exists." The most exciting theory is that Gigantopithecus still survives…..The "decider" will be when we determine if Bigfoot hair has a genetic profile or is it Polyester? HA-HA-HA-ha!!!!!

  3. I was walking by the forest at night and the video with mastiffs just popped into my head. I kept my cool (as in I didn't start running) but my butt was clenched all the way.

  4. 30…..40 feet I the air lol
    He said in the first one lol I'm laughing liar

    I forgot what number but the one when his apples are gonna i I think it's one of those big fluffy dogs that are huge and cute looking in the window.

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