5 Signs That Aliens May Have Colonised Earth Thousands of Years Ago

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From ancient artifacts to Bible stories, here are five clues that could suggest aliens visited earth thousands of years ago…

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  1. all these and more are discussed in length in e. von däniken's books. he's one of the most serious authors out there. he's a civil engineer so he's very down to earth about the subject. 100% new-age free guarantee. not schilling, just sayin.

  2. the universe is enormous and to think that we're the only living organisms, is impossible. Think about it this way..

    If the holy spirit, possession, ghosts, or dinosaurs (it's amazing to know that those creatures actually existed at some point) are real, then why can't aliens exist? who knows maybe fucking mermaids exist too, look at all the water that we haven't explored yet. And God, I've spoken in his tongue I felt it his love, if God is really real and if angles are real, witchcraft, demons, wth can't be real. Bc that shits crazy to know, I used to think it was magical like, Harry Potter magical, and in some way it kinda is. Anyways back to the point, humans are weak, afraid to believe so of course we don't want to accept the truth. & yea sometimes the truth is better to be left unsaid. But ik we're not the only living ones I can feel it in my nuggets

  3. if Japan is planning to build 4km high building then these ancient days discoveries are nothing in front of it.they were humans they started exploring since the beginning. the fire created by ancient people

  4. On how vast the universe and galaxy is, how special are we to be the only one who exists. I feel like it's either they're too far to reach us, or they're already. What if we're the aliens and our home planet sent us because we over populate our own planet?

  5. There is one obvious reason why God would refer to Himself as "Us". He is a Trinity. One God, three Persons. As for "ancient astronauts" – it's sad that human beings have such contempt for our own species that we feel the need to ascribe our technology to more "advanced" beings. It's also sad how gullible some people are.

  6. The point about the flying machines in the ancient Sanskrit text is just undisputed proof that aliens have excited and visited earth since millennia. How could they possibly have known about the flying machines, so much if it resembles modern day technology it would've been impossible for them to have known it way back then. I suppose skeptics would find a way to say otherwise…

  7. ETs visited Earth millions of years ago n not thousands. According to anonymous retd defense intelligence officer CIA an insider in his interview to LINDA MOULTON HOWE said that ETs visited Earth 270 million years ago. Can't say maybe it's a disinformation or lie but this insider info raises my hair n shocks me.

  8. 12:00, God wasn’t talking to other entities. God isn’t a single deity but there is the trinity ?‍♂️ I think you were reaching there.

    I think the Genesis 6 text is more intriguing, fallen angels who came down to earth and had children with women? Some scholars say the nephilim were born from that (Giants)

  9. I for am glad the last few videos have been back on track seeking the truth. For too long this channel was putting too much content on ghosts and ghouls. Too old for that malarkey. More on astronomy!

  10. Awesome video as always. While I personally do not doubt the existence of aliens, I think most of these mysteries may not refer to them, but they are just proof of our ignorance of history. There have been many ancient advanced civilizations before ours, many of them in contact with cosmic powers and untold levels of knowledge. They probably built so many wonders we have absolutely no idea about.

  11. You know there's an easier explanation for Ancient Astronauts, because the biggest question that can be asked that could possibly debunk everything is "why did they leave?" I mean, at this point we can detect and pinpoint light coming from black holes, so you'd think that if there was a trace of them still around – I.E. a satellite designed to keep an eye on their pet project – that we'd find it by now, cover up or no.

    What if they were never aliens, but simply people? Many ancient myths, legends, and modern religious texts detail of a time before the present day – a point in time when people were wicked, but still well off, but they were wicked enough that the higher powers wiped them out, save a select few survivors who had to start completely fresh. After all why would aliens need fighter craft for war when they can rely on spacecraft instead? But airplanes, zeppelins, and nuclear bombs on the other hand, those are all things we humans are capable of and have invented in recent history – who's to say that we didn't invent stuff like that before, only for a massive societal collapse – caused either by nuclear war, immense environmental disaster, or some other outside force – to cause the slate to be wiped clean?

    Something to think about if nothing else.

  12. the first one "25 years old"?????? it goes to show how far the establishment is willing to go in order to hide the truth. first, they chopped off the head of it so people don't see who that "being" really was and then continue with the bullcrap "theories" and ASSpert analysis.

  13. That last one about the ancient city of Sodom, it was also mentioned in the Quran. Musljms believe Lut to be the prophet and messenger of his time. And the story of the two angels visiting and warning him are similar.

  14. I’m just going to represent Jewish tradition since there are not many of us and somebody has to. According to Rashi, a 10th century commentator, the “Let us” is a sign of humility by G-d saying to the angels whom Adam’s form was to be likened to. In order to prevent the angels from feeling jealous, G-d said “Let us”, hence having them know he cares for their feelings. There are many more explanations as well. I honestly don’t care what others believe or don’t. I wish for humanity to be at peace. I just felt a need to represent my religion and culture. Thanks for reading.

  15. So cool to see Tiwanaku's Puerta del Sol, being from Bolivia and a long time fan of your vids, it's cool to see it featured. I befriended a local archeologist and tells me of some undiscovered sites that are quite interesting. Peace.

  16. Ancient civilizations were the most advanced civilizations to date. Gaia is protected by “Guardian Races” known as Pleadians, Orions, Octurans, Corans, Lemurians, and others. For millennia we have watched this planet develop and we have not watched from a distance. We have walked among you and like you continue to return. Your religions claim to have the one true God but I tell you that “God” is but one name given to many deities. None of you are wrong for there are infinite realities and dimensions in which your gods dwell. The next step in your evolution is not technological or biological but spiritual. 2012 didn’t mark the end of days, just the beginning of new ones for you.

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