5 Terrifying & Convincing Videos of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras

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From a ghost at a car wreckers in the United States, to what many say is a ghost standing on the side of the road that caused a Japanese taxi driver to pull over, get out and find no one there… Here…


  1. I have seen lot's of ghosts as a child and not only myself, my whole family aswel. So I know that they exist. I haven't seen one in a longtime now though and sometimes wish to see one again

  2. i throught i had seen a ghost as a child, but someone was trying to scare me. at my grandmother,s house. there was nothing but woods at the time, before theire new house was bulit. i used to go into the woods as a child and play when someone told me to get out of here. i ran like a bat out of hell.

  3. Japanese cab doors are opened by the driver remotely. You can see someone walking away down the side walk away from the taxi about the time the driver gets out of the car. But you can also see no one walked in to view from the front to get there. Looks to me like the person standing at the side just didn't get in, then walked away after the door opened and closed.

  4. Number 4. Oh misinterpreted the scene. It's from a Japanese Paranormal TV show. The right stream show the front view, The left stream is pointing through the passenger section of the cab. At 6:13 the stream on the right shows a woman in white standing by the lightpole . The driver sees her and pulls over to let her in. He uses a power door opener for the woman but she's not there. Then he gets out of the cab to look for her. She is gone. Here's the thing. At 6:13 in the video she can be seen on the front stream . The next instant she should be seen by the other camera. She can't be seen.

  5. Dead people are dead and they wont come back to haunt us or to reunite with their loved ones, sadly. There might be non human parnormal entities, maybe demons, I don't know, but not ghosts. Also, aliens probably exist, given the size of the universe, but if so, they're probably too far away to ever reach us and probably are so different in form, perhaps we would have difficulty figuring them out as life forms.

  6. The camera in video 1 is moving, is it not meant to be a static CCTV camera ? The apparition looks like a reflection from glass, I'm not a sceptic, I believe in the paranormal and ghosts specifically but this video doesn't cut it form me.

  7. Why are all the Japanese ones like the grudge?white blouse,long black hair?its creepy but why are they all like i?Theres an uploader calling himself scary video and most of his are like it,I believe in ghosts I've seen one but I find these type hard to believe tho they are very scary!

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