5 True Scary Paranormal Ghost Stories (Episode 38) (Unexplained Happenings)

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In honor of Halloween todays episode of story narrations is focusing on some spooky paranormal experiences. These five audio adventures are sure to leave you scratching your head as you try and figure out what exactly takes place in each of the tales. Some of the stories you will be listening to today include unexplained activity in a cabin in the woods, a story of someone who worked at a…


  1. Yah I agree skinwalkers take a form of what you said or a person you know such as your dad I heard story’s of kids going missing out in the forest and people would find kids shoes and clothes folded by rivers on a rock it is really creepy

  2. Have not been here for a while sorry I have been in and out of the hospital because I found out that my grandmother has cancer and it stage 3 so I am really sorry and doing school it a little hard for me

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