5 TRUE Scary Small Town Stories (Vol. 7)

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From serial killers stalking a small town to unexplained happenings witnessed by the whole town, these stories will surely creep you out.

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  1. I think the Skinwalker stories written by young people are mostly imaginative minds. There are a lot more actually scary humans out there than there are supernatural beings. I have always been open minded but I definitely remember how things appeared to me as a newish human on the planet versus how they looked to me as I hit my mid 20's. I sort of wish I still was as open to my imagination, but as you get older you begin to see the things people can do are much more frightening than what any scary Skinwalker or Wendigo could do…

  2. I grew up in a small town and it held some creepy ghost stories for sure. Plus there's a lot of people who make meth which ups the creep factor. Great vid!

  3. Swampyyyy ??? wow this was awesome tyvm for sharing!!! ???? My fave was def the one w/ the kids finding dead body & Alice missing was on the edge of my seat!!! ??????????????☠?Hope all is well w/ u & ur other ½??????✌✌✌

  4. Thanks Swampy, I can finally fall asleep. It has become a nightly ritual to listen to and imagine your stories while I drift off, hope I'm not the only one. Much love, Keep up the killer content 🙂

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