5 TRUE Scary & Unexplained Stories (Vol. 14)

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Unsolved mysteries are my personal favorite to read about. Something about events that just can’t be explained give me goosebumps. These 5 subscribers share their creepiest experiences with the paranormal and the unknown. The tales are alleged to be true by the authors.

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  1. girl in story 1 needs to ditch her bitch of a fiancé. like he sees her dopplegänger then says her story is bullshit, then comes home early to scare her? what a piece of shit. ditch the house, ditch the fiance and cleanse the next place you live at lol

  2. I loved this round of stories! I had a similar experience when I was younger to story number 2 except a bit more scary. So I really related personally to it and could see my own experience as I was listening to it. Great work thank you.

  3. Story #4 nothing wrong with a night light. I'm 37 & have a night light in the bathroom and 1 in my bedroom. I mean just so I won't trip over my own feet.????? Keep up the awesome work for real Swamp. You're awesome.???

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