5 Videos That Accidentally Caught Something Paranormal!

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5 Videos That Accidentally Caught Something Paranormal!

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  1. #3: Man appearing to be possessed by a demon next to a fridge there is actually not fake, after he falls down you should look at the fridge door you will see a reflection of some sort of spirit appearing to be leaving the man's body right before those papers on shelf fell, this one I believe

  2. No 1 defies reason. Given that every human on the planet has the most complex object in the universe right between their ears, it is amazing how badly they end up using it. It is mind boggling how little critical thinking people engage in during their entire life.

  3. Just say no to bullshit clickbait like this. Go to every video of these idiots that uses clickbait and report it. If enough people do it they'll have the choice to either stop doing the clickbait shit or lose their channel. It really works. Ashley Nocera used to do it just about every video until people had enough and started reporting her. All of the sudden she stopped and never did it again.

    And hurry before this comment gets deleted. Youtube would be a much better site if they would get rid of the annoying clickbait.

  4. The dude having a fit by the cooler,, everyone is watching him except his buddy that's in the store grabbing what he can while everyone one is checking out the show his pals putting on,,,, oldest trick in the book,,,, pickpockets do this a lot in crowds so remember keep moving, nothing to see.

  5. This video contains nothing of value. The clip of the woman levitating is creepy, but only about as creepy as her actual bedroom is. The narrator can't(necessarily) be blamed for the badly-written script, but he should be informed that he's expected to make corrections when grammar isn't correct. If he doesn't, people might think he's some kind of "bot".

  6. 5 – A ghost is in and of itself harmless. Our fear is the trouble. / 4 – Michael Jackson is the focus of deification akin to Elvis. The shadow being might be him, sure. / 3 – Poor man is having a seizure. I don't think demons need be introduced here. Seizure or hoax. / 2 – Ever wake up against the ceiling? I have. Dream or real? Don't know, but I fell onto the bed. This is hoaxed but nicely done. / 1 – Ritual can bring us into amazing alternative mental and emotional spaces. Murdering animals for these purposes is barbaric, crude, and stupid literalism. Pathetic.

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