6 Scary True Ghost Stories (Inhuman Screams, Graveyards, Child Spirit)

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These are 6 Scary True Ghost Stories (Inhuman Screams, Graveyards, Child Spirit.) Listen to 6 of the scariest true ghost stories before bed! In one scary story, a group of 6 coworkers witness ghost activity at a bowling alley and restaurant. In another story, a girl and her best friend take a walk through a cemetery and see a misty ghost. Finally, a man goes on a retreat, only to be greeted…


  1. Happy late night halloween, everybody! this video failed to process TWICE, i’d say thats a thrilling way to end my halloween. I certainly hope yours was a lot better than mine. Anyway, how about we give this a like, some comments, and a share all across social media to honor all things spooky and scary! my favorite story was the cemetery misty figure, which story did you enjoy? let me know! 🙂 love you guys, gotta head to bed. it’s getting late.


    1st Story: 00:08
    2nd Story: 3:07
    3rd Story: 8:25
    4th Story: 10:51
    5th Story: 14:06
    6th Story: 17:11
    7th Story: 20:19

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  2. You are my phantom mash! It's stuck now mister ? Great video and thanks for making it! I know there were issues with uploading last night (for me in CET) Anywho, great as always, we are more psyked about tommorow in Denmark J-dag (x-mas beer release part day all over the country) we are more into that ?? but great to hear it NOW (morning) Happy Halloween to you too, thnx again! Hope you'll upload demonic stuff soon, muhahaha! (you are contageous) i was in a bad mood before, now im smiling, wtf ?
    Xoxo Monster Mom ???✌️??

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