6 Scary True Paranormal Stories (Scary Stories) The House from the Past

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Hi everyone, who’s ready for another exciting episode of story time. I know how much you all loved the last one, so heres another one. Well in today’s episode of story narrations we take a listen to six different tales. Todays stories include a story from my old home in England, finding an old town in the Alaskan wilderness, the video rental store experience, and so much more. Enjoy the…


  1. yeah I had a couple of experiences similar to these. One was in a church that scared me beyond being scared – like a fear of losing my very soul kind of scared and the second one was of like a demented ghost just laughing and looking at me rather freakily and it takes an awful lot to scare me – I'm the kind of guy who used to watch the Halloween movies and root for Michael Myers – but I got to say that this is just another top notch video fox – not only that you're one of the extremely very few who actually responds to comments on a regular daily basis and I know that I appreciate that cause to me it shows that you care what your viewers have to say and what they think and feel – keep up the awesome work brother

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