7 Scariest Videos Caught in Abandoned Buildings

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Abandoned Buildings were incredibly creepy to me when I was a kid, but I always wanted to explore them anyway. It’s a sort of curiousity that has lasted throughout my life – a curiousity that many people share. Tonight, we look at 7 of the scariest videos caught in abandoned buildings.
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  1. this is so retarded. everyone in the comments are even more retarded for believeing this. you do relise these are from fucking movies? jeasus fucking christ.

    edit: except the building one with the alarm….its just a fucking alarm chill.

  2. I'm Mulder and Scully. I want to believe but I'm a sceptic. My biggest issue is why no one has caught any supernatural or UFO sightings since the advent of Hi Res video on everyone's phones. Why are videos of strange encounters only captured on ancient, tape filled camcorders?

  3. I was a skeptic of the paranormal, but ever since I have seen tons of these videos I belive in most things. But I never want to investigate so I dont get cursed or anything like that.

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