7 True Scary Real Ghost Stories! (Kidnapping, Pets, Shadow People)

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These are 7 true scary real ghost stories! (Kidnapping, Pets, Shadow People.) Listen to 7 true real ghost stories for your viewing pleasure. In this edition of scary stories, phantomofdarkness reads 7 more real haunted ghost stories involving the paranormal. In one truly real encounter, scary sounds are heard from the basement as a glowing ghost takes up residence. In another, a boy goes back…


  1. Saturday Night! it’s time to share, comment, like and subscribe for a great time! Some really cool and sad scary stories in this video today! A kidnapping victim returns as a ghost, some apparitions of deceased grandparents come back to haunt loved ones, and even an interesting supernatural occurrence where a guy comes back to an old abandon house to see what it has to offer! Let me know in the comment section how you feel about these stories as always! love you guys lol.


    1st Story: 00:08
    2nd Story: 3:06
    3rd Story: 8:20
    4th Story: 12:07
    5th Story: 14:01
    6th Story: 16:47
    7th Story: 19:06

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  2. I'm re-listening to this video as well. Since I commented and I thought…"this comment sucks"…so I deleted it. I am very glad to be supportive and listening to you this early morning. You're just one of the sweetest narrators that I have the absolute joy of being subscribed to. Yeah! Phantom! What would I do without you?…CRY!? But you're always make me smile!? I completely loved the video, your voice, your personality is such a gift on YouTube! I can't wait to listen to more of your magical narration and delightfully disturbing stories. ?☺???

  3. Loove these especially about pet ghosts. I lost my babydoll pug 6 months after i lost my husband I so wish i could see or feel her presence, i never even dream of her i miss her so awful bad…but your pet story actually gives me hope….

  4. Wow, you are a younger male version of me, except I don’t think you would show proof of taking your pants off unless streaking is a common pastime for you…. but I can see you for sure trying to figure out how to milk your esophagus. Let me know what you discover

  5. I remember listening to this last night.. Started typing out a comment.. And then everything went black. I'm pretty sure I passed out before completing said comment lol so here I am trying this once again ?

  6. Another really great video, Phantom:) You're so awesome! I wish my late Dad would visit me, like in one of the stories. I miss him so:( If course, I was a daddy's girl & his passing hit me hard. But I know he's in Heaven watching over me:) Anyway, thanks for the great stories! I can't wait to hear your others:) Have a Super Sunday!

  7. Horryflyingly scary addictive to the horror,lots of places to look for scary things,take care phantom of darkness,love ya and see you on the nx video,ps dead pool is out that's a must watch movie

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