8 STRANGE Abandoned Places Across America

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From the colossal St. Francis Dam, to the ominous Bahia Honda Rail Bride, these are 8 STRANGE Abandoned Places Across America !

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8.St. Francis Dam
LOCATION – Sierra Pelona Mountains, California

The St. Francis dam was constructed in only 2 years, between 1924 and…


  1. Just an fyi, this video is abandoned places in the US not America. Canada, central and south america are all apart of "America" this is all just places in the US. I'd adjust the name if I were you. Your video is untrue as its titled atm.

  2. The resort in Liberty NY is just up the road from me, loved exploring it when I was a kid. Found some interesting stuff too.
    As for your number one, there have been some awesome parties there, actually quite creepy at night too.

  3. Across America in most mayor Downtown areas have most buildings abandon. Is like they took the bussines out of downtown America for weird reason. And they use crack cocaine to accelerate this issue.

  4. About the Bahia Honda rail bridge nothing bad happened   according the local people the Monroe County decided to dismantle  that  piece  to block  the dare devils and adventure curious people to ride or walk there.

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